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In a world dictated by the old story of separation, one man stood up to defeat the dragon of fear with his sword of light, with words from the heart. I bring tribe together, while we move from the individual to the collective experience

The trailer of Lucien’s life

I have been living in Ibiza for twelve years now of which I have organized yoga, walking and mindfulness retreats in my villa opposite Es Vedra for 6 years. In the Netherlands I co-facilitated tango & leadership workshops at De Baak Training Center for seven years.

From 2018 I am active with Heart IQ™ and this accelerated my life. I followed facilitator & coaching trainings and in this role I facilitate men’s circles and mixed Heart Circles and started my addiction oriented coaching. The men’s circles in Ibiza are now entering their 5th year and with ex-colleague Jeroen we have helped hundreds of men on their way to empowerment, healthy masculinity and experiencing brotherhood in a safe environment. In Ibiza we have organized men’s days and retreats at various locations.

During Covid I also started with SenseMaking circles, working with collective intelligence. I created the Make Sense, not War platform on Substack with weekly medicine podcasts for you to start living a more meaningful life in this age of disruption. Check out Make Sense not War, it’s free. To support this work, consider buying my Sensemaking (e)Book with my 19 Best Blogs to Survive the Great Reset and Enjoy the Ride here. It’s the price of a Chai-Latte in Starbucks and might save your life !

Spring 2023 I am launching my third book on trauma and addiction: From Addiction to Connection ( work title). Read excerpts on my new Medium Publication Addiction Free. I’ve been blogging on personal development, Crypto and Humanities Epic Transformation for over 5 years on Medium.

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