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Hi, I'm Lucien.

It’s only recently that I transformed a 25-year-long gambling addiction. This resulted from deep trauma before and just after my birth.

From a young age, I felt a pitch-black void that pulled me into depression, isolation and self-exploration. I did a 5-year soul dive while my friends had girlfriends and enjoyed their student lives. I did all this work on myself alone for decades, and still, it didn’t prevent me from having those nasty fallbacks.

I eventually hit rock bottom like any other hardcore addict. I wondered in those lonely moments of despair why a spiritually aware guy like me had created such an energetic leak that would suck the life out of me like Sméagol on crack occasionally.

Precisely at that moment, I met a guide through Heart IQ circle work. He taught me that all healing comes through connection. What followed were multiple profound healing experiences in heart-directed circles.

Now it’s time to share my story. You don’t need to struggle in the same way as I did. I am offering a shortcut. My message to the world is; Yes, it can be done, no matter how deep the wounding.

I wrote down my story, and from this structure arose a workable method, the 5 STAM; 5 Steps to Transform (any) Addiction Method.

Are you ready to start your journey, slay your addiction dragon, feel deeper, and build a tribe? Download and read my free Ebook with numerous exercises and a valuable introduction to the 5 STAM method.

Start your journey of transformation today!

“Working with Lucien was one of the best decisions I have made.
I lost hope getting out of my screen addiction, or even knowing where to begin.
He skillfully and with loads of empathy helped me find the steps and motivated me
to move out of my destructive cycle” Richard Korver

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The Wisdom Keeper

The Wisdom Keeper

The Wisdom Keeper is about humanity’s challenge to find a balance between our exponential technological advancements versus the need to crack the cultural story of separation and start giving back to nature to finally feel part of what created us in the first place and to really belong on this earth.

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Het is 2021. Door grote klimaatveranderingen is er wereldwijd voedselschaarste en balanceert fort Europa op de rand van de ondergang. Oliver laat het korset van angst en controle in Nederland achter zich wanneer hij uitgenodigd wordt voor een walkabout in de Australische woestijn. Het is het begin van een persoonlijke transformatie. Hij ontmoet zijn droomvrouw en Oliver krijgt van een oude Aboriginal leider een mysterieus schilderij. Is de macht van het doek werkelijk zo groot dat het de koers van de geschiedenis kan veranderen? Olivers toenemende inzichten leiden hem naar krachtplek Es Vedra op Ibiza, de grootste club in de wereld en de grotten van een godin. Een geheine organisatie zit hem op de hielen. Zal hij op tijd de bestemming weten te vinden voor het schilderij ?

Koop KrachtplekLees omslag

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