Circle Wisdom

My vision on this human technology for thriving communities

Many individuals and groups feel the call from across the valley, from the new earth that is about to be birthed after the collapse of the old systems. They gather in groups, spheres, circle’s and communities with the aim to contribute to the ‘Infinite game’: a world based on values like sovereignty, equality, powered by regenerative technologies like free energy devices and with the desire to live in unity with nature.

We all feel the possibility to create a win-win situation and get super excited! 

Tools like authentic communication, sharing circles and radical transparancy are being used to thrust the group into the new paradigm.   I have been in several of these ‘new earth’ or ‘make the world a better place’ professional organizations, and seen an initial spark from elevated consciousness and the will to commune together, to sacrifice the ego for the greater good. 

More than often I have seen the exact same groups fall back in the traps of this 3D world driven by rivalrous systems, envy, competition and spiritual righteousness. Usually, the conclusion then is that ‘they didn’t get it yet’, or ‘these people are not ready for the shift’, they need to look at their shadows and their blind spots.  Through the cracks of decreasing trust, increasing unsafety and re-appearing competition over leadership and resources,  a fall back occurs into third party talk, energy leaks or downright rivalry and unspoken tension and conflict until the group and it’s initial intention falls apart.

In my opinion, the solution can be found by solving the question of how to deal with our shadows and blind spots, triggers and judgements in an emotional clean and clear space that strengthens safety, trust and transparency. 

A solution is setting the right container for the right intentions and people, creating safety through structure and clear and strong facilitation. To facilitate this kind of circle’s, the heart IQ (™) modality is the perfect way. It facilitates deeper transformation, creates a strong container and uses the amplified field that is present in any circle. This circle wisdom is literally channeled, directed and used to hold space and direct the transformations possible in these groups.


I see a future where we will increasingly come together in groups, spheres, communities and circles bringing this deeper wish to transform ourselves, to embrace our gifts and higher souls purposes. These circle’s and small group close to the edge organizations will bring he real innovation for our new earth. For this, the personal transformation of all the members in these groups is crucial, as is the facilitation. 

When I ask myself the question of how I can be best at service in this world in turmoil, death of our old systems, disruption and rebirth from a higher consciousness, it is by being facilitating deep change and transformation in front of Es Vedra or any other powerspot on earth.

To Restore the Balance.

Lucien Lecarme