5 STAM Group Coaching


I developed the 5 steps for transforming addiction method after 25 years of experiencing addiction and moving out of it with the help of a guide.

I am so excited to offer you a shortcut with a proven method that is directed towards you regaining control and self leadership over your life.

The time of being a slave to your screen, porn, work ( or fill in the blank) will end soon!


In this experience, I offer my group facilitating skills using the Heart IQ tm method. All healing comes through connection, and a group set up is essential for you to feel a deeper connection and move out of your isolation.

In this course, the main 3 steps from the method are covered, and you’ll receive all the best exercises I designed to guide you into more awareness on your behavior, to eventually be enough just with yourself.

The end result is that you don’t need to ADD anything, or numb out, you’re ready to apply and live my formula in every day life. You will still have access to the ‘community’ as a feedback possibility, also when the sessions are ended.

Feeling Deeper x Being Heard, Seen & Felt = Deeper Healing Connection

Just know that the main condition for your transformation to work is a deep felt fuck yeah, I want to change. The fire of this motivation will burn away the layers of shame that withheld you from stepping in to the leader you are.

Are you ready to become more vulnerable in a safe container and group that supports you unconditionally?

When ?

Start: Monday may 8th, 20,00 – 21.30 Amsterdam Time on Zoom.


If you feel the fuck-yeah I am ready, sign up know and receive the 50% discount. 10 sessions will be not €1500,- but €750,-

What you get is:
💪 10 x 1,5 hour sessions on Zoom
💪 Multiple Worksheets per session
💪 Personal care and attention. Groups won’t be bigger then 10
💪 Free chapters of my upcoming book on Addiction: From Addiction to Connection
💪 A basic training in Heart IQ ™ language and 1-1 and group shares

What you take away:

Proven and measurable change of behavior when it comes to fallbacks


💪 More awareness over your triggers, stories and judgements
💪Valuable communication tools to track what’s going on emotionally
💪Awareness over your addiction cycle
💪A sense of deeper and increased connectivity with the other group members, but also in life
💪A stronger embodiment & presence
💪Tools for everyday to discern and express your healthy borders

And it gets even better…

Because I want to offer this to you completely risk free, If it doesn’t give you the transformation you feel is possible ( and is measurable by a decreased number of fall backs), that you’re aiming at, I don’t deserve you’re money.

Your investment is completely protected by my No Cure – No Pay guarantee.

So what you’re waiting for? My offer won’t last forever.

See you on the other side !

Lucien Lecarme

When you prefer 1-1 coaching, enjoy the same discount for the first 10 sessions, and click the button in the footer. You get a free 20 minute check in call, to see if you’re ready for this program.