Heart Circle Basics Group Information

Move Energy beyond Story, Get More Alive and Real

Five years ago I was introduced to the HeartIQ method. Founder Christian Pankhurst developed this modality to create a safe space for deeper transformation through embodiment as a result of circle work, using circle wisdom.

I am so happy I’ve found this center and Christian as a guide. It accelerated my growth, embodiment and heart awakening. The heart felt circle connections and new imprints I received also made me move out of my addiction. I followed several retreats, the facilitators training and two times the 90-days online challenge during Covid.

It made me passionate to spread this language and as facilitator create safe spaces for others to experience the circle wisdom magic.

This experience also sparked my Men’s group work in Ibiza that I facilitate for 4 years now. After many heart circle sequences during Covid, now it’s time to continue the Getting real in circle and move some energy work in 2023!  I found a lovely spacious retreat villa and the organic next step is offering this 5x Basics course.

What is heart IQ?

You can read this on the website www.heartiq.org

When we practice Heart iQ together, an amplified field is created providing an environment that is filled with profound insight, nourishing intimacy and deep healing” (HeartIQ)

It is all about creating a strong container for safety to emerge in a circle of people that are invited to open and to not make anything wrong in themselves nor others. This allows all to move into more vulnerability, move energy, expand your emotional range and feel more joy.

In any circle (preferably min. 8 persons) the so-called circle wisdom can emerge. You step in the middle of the circle when you feel called and this call is strong enough.   That is called mat work. The circle wisdom, like an invisible hand, will lead a process where your body can take over beyond the control of your mind, your safety zone. 

In this unknown territory, magic can happen, and energy can shift by staying in connection. 

Before we get these results, in each of the basic circles, we will do warm-up exercises that will make you familiar with the HeartIQ language and sensitivity to the sheer intelligence of the heart.

Some of the things you’ll learn are;

  • Somatic tracking
  • Feeling tracking
  • Presencing ( In your presence I feel)
  • Feeling and Acknowledging your actual borders more
  • Empowerment feedback ( what I need to feel you more)

Furthermore you walk away with:

  • A wider emotional range
  • Deeper intimacy in your relationship (s)
  • Better communication skills
  • Overall emotional hygiene
  • More awareness on your triggers and how to deal with them
  • A deep sense of connectivity
  • More confidence to step up your specific game

All circles start with naming the agreements to create a safe sacred space.

Check out an introduction video from Christian here

Set Up

The next series of The heart Ibiza Circle Basics will start Friday January 27th

This will be an introduction circle followed by 4 circles on Friday’s, same time. I ask all participants to commit to this series of five, to be able to go deeper.

The circles will be held from 16.30 sharp till 19.30. Then it’s integration, hugging & possibly cuddle puddle time until dinner is served. Maybe we’ll have a dance too ! 


The heart circle costs €40,- per session, using a downwards sliding scale to a minimum of €25,-, per session depending on your present money situation.  

The total of 5 circle’s will be €200,-/ €125,- . This includes the facilitation, space and healthy nurturing food, teas and water etc. The invitation is to pay this full amount next Friday as an expression of you feeling a fuck yes to commit for the upcoming 4 times.

I strive to have equal men-women in the circle or at least 30-70%  men/women.


Ubuntu Treat Home is a spacious luxury Villa with all the comfort we need. it is situated between the San Juan road going to San Carlos. To reserve your spot (max 12, 7 taken already), send me a Whatsapp and I sent you the Pin and route description and add you to the Ibiza heart Circle 2023 Whatsapp group. 

Please arrive no later than 16.30 at the location to be able to tune into this work. 

Contact: Lucien Lecarme  +31650415098, details follow

Ubuntu Treat Home